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Seoul IDRC's Precautionary Measure in Responde to the COVID-19

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24 Feb 2020





In response to spread of COVID-19, the Seoul IDRC would like to prioritize every visitor’s health, especially for those who are going to arrive in Korea in a few days.


After arriving at the Incheon International Airport, The Korea Centers for Disease Control (KCDC) checks body temperature to all the visitors and implements additional tests (so-called 'Real-Time PCR') for people who have suspected symptoms and confirms the results within 6 hours after the test.


Trade Tower building where the KCAB INTERNATIONAL and the Seoul IDRC are located, along with all the adjacent buildings, have laid down additional security and sanitary measures. There have been multiple inspection spots stationed at all the entrance points to the buildings to screen any visitors with possible symptoms of COVID-19. Those that wish access into the building must pass through a thermal camera, and it is imperative that they sanitize their hands with ethanol gel before entry. Frequent and thorough sanitization is con-ducted on the common areas and individual office spaces in efforts to prevent any potential exposure to the disease.


In addition, a clinical thermometer, hand sanitizers and other sanitary items are equipped in the Seoul IDRC reception on the 18th floor of the Trade Tower. We implement daily disinfection of furniture, desks, and other equipment and recommend all of our employees to hygienically manage food and beverages


If there are some health concerns so you cannot visit the center to proceed hearing or meeting, please let our secretariat know. We are very open to hold video conferencing instead of having hearing or meeting at the center, if necessary.


The Seoul IDRC’s highest priority is the health and safety of all visitors who are scheduled to hold hearing or meeting. We politely ask your kind co-operation.


Thank you for your understanding.

Seoul IDRC secretariat


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