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 Seoul IDRC Virtual Hearing Services

                                                                                                  23 April, 2020

Dear Legal Practitioners,
The Seoul IDRC is pleased to notify everyone that we remain operational and is fully open as a hearing facility, placing a prudent emphasis on the enhanced security measures that we furnished and installed even in the ongoing pandemic Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
Moreover, Seoul IDRC would like to stress further that, should in-person hearing be not possible, or feasibly not your choice of arrangement, Seoul IDRC provides Virtual Hearing Services. These alternative hearing arrangements facilitate to expedite the resolution of the dispute, should travel will be unattainable in any case, or should conflict of schedule arise; not to mention the time saving and cost-effectiveness of such procedures to the parties involved in the case.

7 Advantages of Seoul IDRC Virtual Hearing Services Include:
1. Security guaranteed cloud-based platform including end-to-end encryption

2. Full compatibility with hybrid access over all IP-based & web-based access for up to 25 participants
3. Onsite and remote e-bundle sharing for effective examination of witnesses and arguments
4. HD video and high-quality audio system with recording services
5. Easy-to-follow Virtual Hearing users’ guideline based on Seoul Protocol

6. Real time chat functions for correspondence between up to 10 participants in the hearing
7. Referral services (External provider)
- Transcription:  Real-time court reporting via simultaneous streaming with speedy delivery of transcripts
 - Simultaneous interpretation

Seoul IDRC secretariat is working closely with parties and tribunals before and after the session to ensure all participants are comfortable with the technology. In any event, should you wish to know more about our endeavors to sustain the steadiness, proficiency or efficacy of the Seoul IDRC cases amid the outbreak; thereby accentuating the significance of the crisis management or administering required precautionary measures to lessen the magnitude and/or distressing effect caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we shall remain at your disposal and at your own convenience if you have additional queries regarding the matters above.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss using our Virtual Hearing Services including pricing, testing and sharing users’ guideline. If you need free demonstration, please do not hesitate to email

Stay safe and best wishes from Seoul IDRC.
Seoul IDRC Secretariat


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