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[April, 2021] Seoul IDRC Steering Establishes Its Steering Committee

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 Seoul IDRC Establishes Its Steering Committee

On 19 April 2021, Seoul IDRC (Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center) established its Steering Committee.

Founded in 2013,the Seoul IDRC offers highly advanced hearing facilities and user-friendly services for cross-border companies during their alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Seoul IDRC provides state-of-the-art “IT” infrastructure for hearings and legal services. Setting a new standard with its world-class hearing facilities and one-stop services, Seoul IDRC shows significant potential as the most practical choice for users of arbitration and mediation in Asia.


The Seoul IDRC Steering Committee is responsible for shaping the Seoul IDRC’s policies and activities. The committee will promote Seoul’s merits as “Asia’s most preferred hearing venue” by using the Seoul IDRC’s hearing services and cutting-edge “IT” technology. The committee consists of members who are based in Seoul and have both the ability and insight to develop the Seoul IDRC.

The incoming Seoul IDRC Steering Committee members are:

l   Byung-Chol (B.C.) Yoon (Chair) (Kim & Chang)

l   Dongwook Kang (BKL)

l   Yong Sang Kim (Yulchon LLC)

l   Jun Hee Kim (Arnold & Porter)

l   Jinhee Kim (Jipyong)

l   Sang Il Park (HMP Law)

l   John P. Bang (Peter & Kim)

l   Dong-Seok (Johan) Oh (KL Partners)

l   Young Seok Lee (RosettaLegal)

l   Byung-Woo Im (Kim & Chang)

l   Sean (Sungwoo) Lim (Lee & Ko)

l   Seungwha Chang (Seoul National University School of Law)

l   Jae Min Jeon (Shin & Kim)

l   Hong-Sik (Justin) Chung (Chung-Ang University School of Law)



Byung-Chol (B.C.) Yoon, Chair of the Seoul IDRC Steering Committee said, “In the midst of COVID-19 from last year, virtual hearings have emerged as an alternative. Seoul IDRC has adopted the changes very quickly. Particularly, in conjunction with Korea's outstanding IT infrastructure, Seoul IDRC's virtual hearing services are drawing attention from international arbitration practitioners around the world.”


Heehwan Kwon, Director of KCAB INTERNATIONAL added, “Compared with 2019, the number of virtual hearing cases in 2020 rose more than five times and the days of virtual hearings rose more than fifteen times. Even in the post-COVID-19 era, we are certain that Seoul IDRC’s excellent virtual hearing technology and comfortable and supportive services will be the "new-standard of hearings" in the arbitration community and the Seoul IDRC Steering Committee will try to widely spread the value of the Seoul IDRC’s world-class virtual hearing services.”


Seoul IDRC will not only attract KCAB’s international arbitration cases, but also those of other arbitral institutions as well. This highlights Seoul’s attractiveness as a location for hearings and use as an arbitration seat. 


About Seoul IDRC Virtual Hearings


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